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Fred Layman, CEO of Earth Smart Media, LLC, brings a fresh mobile experience to fundraisers, businesses and the community through mulitple mobile application.

Fred Layman explains, “Mobile is the front door to your business and Mobile is where your customers are, and they’re not shy about engaging with brands that offer them something of value. In return of that value, businesses monetizetheir advertising,and compete with big box and national chain merchants.Therefore, small businesses should have as their mobile engagement marketing partner.”

Earth Smart Media (ESM) is a five-star mobile marketing platform for small to medium size business that allows advertisement on multiple products in real time. ESMbrands the business on the Mobile Application of choice, in the market of your choosing. By doing so keeps your company always within arm’s reach of visiting, local, and loyal, community conscious supporters 24/7/365.

Fred Layman goes on to say: “We understand that your marketing dollar is very valuable and I can assure you that diversifying your marketing budget to mobile is a prudent, proven measure.”

“The media marketing industry is increasing changing to mobile and Earth Smart Media is offering an opportunity to jump on a digital platformfor much less than the price of paper and big box apps”.

Fred Layman states and continues.

“Our core principals are to establish a company that gives back to the community and to operate with integrity and dignity every step of the way. When a business joins the ESM network they get a unique, interactive, and creative brand identity and allows consumers to interact with your business more easily. The ESM technology empowers consumers by giving them pioneering mobile technology that places products in front of them at the right place and at the right time.”

Small Business just got a whole lot BIGGER! Get out in front of technology by engaging audiences in a new way.

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